Air 2 by ScubaPro

Air2 by ScubaPro

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In 1979 SCUBAPRO created the concept of integrating a second stage regulator and a balanced inflator in the same compact housing and the AIR2 (alternate inflator regulator) was born. In 2006 we introduced a restyled fourth generation of the AIR2 which is streamlined, modern, ergonomic and overall lighter than previous generations. Great for traveling divers, AIR2 can be assembled on any BC and eliminates the need for another alternate air source. As a second stage, AIR2 works like a classic downstream second stage. Its air balanced power inflator valve provides smooth and reliable inflation at all tank pressures. Convenience and ease of use are the AIR2’s key features:

  • Single hose configuration.
  • Fixed VIVA flow vane.
  • One-hand operation.
  • The self-flushing mechanism requires just one push on the purge to clear away all dirt.