Alternate Air Sources

The Alternate Air Source is your backup second stage regulator. It works just the same as the primary second stage regulator and can be used in the unlikely event that your primary fails or your dive buddy needs to share air.  A-1 Scuba offers a wide variety of alternate air sources to meet the needs of all types of divers. We use these ourselves, so we can recommend all of these as great choices. Here is a list of the alternate air sources A-1 Scuba is currently selling:  

Airsource 3 by Aqua Lung

Airsource QD by Aqua Lung

ScubaPro Air 2 Alternate

Air 2 by ScubaPro

 Oceanic AIR XS 2

Air XS 2 by Oceanic

Air Control by Mares

Air Control by Mares

 ABS Octo by Aqua Lung

ABS Octo by Aqua Lung

 SS1 by Atomic

SS1 Safe Seconds by Atomic