Learn to Scuba Dive


Becoming a certified diver involves three steps. There is a separate fee for each step. The following information will explain the different steps in more detail to help you better understand the process.

Since 1959 we’ve introduced thousands of people to the wonders of the underwater world. Learning to dive is fun and the perfect activity for the adventuresome. For many it has “changed their lives forever!”

The three-step process involves Independent Study, Pool Dives/Class Review and Open Water Dives. PLEASE NOTE: We offer several options for each step.

Step One – Independent Study

During this portion of your training, you’ll become familiar with basic diving principles and procedures. For example, you’ll learn the affects of pressure on your body, how to choose the right equipment, considerations for planning dives and more. This step involves independent study using one of three options.

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Step Two – Pool Dives & Class Review

During this step, you’ll dive in our onsite swimming pool and develop the basic scuba skills necessary to safely dive. Such as, learning how to set up your diving equipment, control your buoyancy, dive with a buddy and several other important skills. You’ll also get a chance to do somersaults, handstands and experience the freedom of “inner-space!” The skills learned in our pool will prepare you for the open water dives in Step Three. In addition, you’ll spend a short time in the classroom learning about additional diving opportunities, planning for dive travel and more.

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Step Three – Open Water Dives

This is where you’ll apply the various skills you learned and developed during step two, in an open water environment. And get this…..you can complete your first two Open Water dives at the Denver Downtown Aquarium! We recommend you complete the open water dives soon after finishing your final pool and knowledge development session. This is when your skills and diving knowledge are their freshest.

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Prerequisites for learning to dive

Additional requirements for children 10-11 years old:

In addition to the forms listed above, each participant and their legal guardian must read and provide a signed copy of the