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A-1 Welcomes New Travel Agent

Gwen WellsA-1 Scuba & Travel Center would like to welcome Gwen Wells to our team of travel agents. Gwen is a Certified Travel Counselor with over 24 years of experience. Her life has revolved around travel including her studies abroad during a year cruising around the world. She loves to travel and educate others on travel. Gwen lived in Mexico for 3 years and is very passionate and knowledgeable about the many Mexico destinations. She has traveled to Africa 6 times and really enjoys Safaris and sharing her experiences with others. Gwen is also a cruise specialist and very knowledgeable about the many Caribbean, South Pacific and worldwide dive destinations. Please come by and meet Gwen. She’s eager to assist you in planning your next vacation.

Email Gwen at

Tasty fish

An enjoyable aspect of any dive trip is sampling the local cuisine; be it fresh tropical fruit, roots, rice, and more often than not, fish. With “worldwide seafood consumption on the rise,” and a United Nations World Food Organization estimate of 147 million tons of global fish demand by 2030, it is more important than ever to establish the protection and conservation of our ocean resources. One such method of protecting the oceans ecosystems is the consumption of sustainable seafood.

Sustainable seafood is seafood obtained by methods that allow for the maintenance of healthy fish populations without jeopardizing the ecosystem. Recently, California made headway in the protection of their marine resources by passing Bill AB1217, Ocean Protection Council: Sustainable Seafood. This bill establishes a council to develop and implement a specific voluntary sustainable seafood program consisting of protocol to guide entities to independently certify themselves in accordance with internationally accepted criteria. Such criteria would currently prohibit seafood obtained through aquaculture or fish farming from being deemed sustainable, until nationally or internationally accepted sustainability standards have been developed.

This allows consumers to purchase seafood that is as ecologically friendly as possible. The bill also provides “a competitive grant and loan program for projects or activities that further public purposes consistent with the voluntary sustainable seafood promotion program.” However, while this bill is a step in the right direction, it also illustrates the current inadequacy of a lack of local or global sustainable fishing/fish farming standards.

To urge our congress to develop aquaculture standards, go to Or take action by purchasing seafood products verified to be obtained in a sustainable manner:

Sustainable Safeway Products:

  • Wild Alaska Sockeye cold smoked salmon 113g
  • Wild Alaska Sockeye hot smoked salmon 113g
  • Waterfront Bistro Argentine Scallops 680g

Sustainable Target Products:

  • Archer Farms Alaska sockeye salmon fillets 453g
  • Archer Farms Wild caught Alaskan halibut fillets 453g
  • Market Pantry Leg style crab flavored seafood 340g
  • Market Pantry Chunk style crab flavored seafood 340g
  • Market Pantry Chunk style crab flavored seafood with omega-3 340g
  • Market Pantry Shred style crab flavored seafood with omega-3 340g
  • Market Pantry Flake style crab flavored seafood 340g
  • Archer Farms Alaskan Halibut 454g
  • Archer Farms Alaskan Halibut 199g
  • Archer Farms Chipotle 227g
  • Alaska sockeye salmon burgers
  • Archer Farms Alaska sockete salmon fillet 340g
  • Archer Farms Alaska sockeye applewood smoked salmon 113g
  • Archer Farms Alaska sockeye alderwood smoked salmon 113g
  • Target “Market Pantry” Fish Sticks 695g
  • Target “Market Pantry” Breaded Fish Fillets
  • Target “Market Pantry” Battered Fish Fillets
  • Market Pantry wild-caught Alaskan salmon roulades with Mediterranean-style stuffing
  • Market Pantry wild-caught Alaskan salmon roulades with spinach florentine stuffing

Sustainable Kroger Products:

  • Private Selection wild Alaskan salmon teriyaki 340g

Sustainable Whole Foods Products:

  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan salmon burgers 363.5g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan cold smoked salmon 113g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan cold smoked salmon 227g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan smoked salmon eastern spice 226g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan smoked salmon traditional 226g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan smoked salmon Asian 226g
  • Whole Catch Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets 340g
  • Whole Catch lightly breaded New Zealand hoki fish nuggets 283.5g
  • Whole Catch lightly breaded New Zealand hoki fish fillets
  • Whole Catch lightly breaded New Zealand hoki fish sticks 283.5g
  • Fresh Alaska salmon fillets (in season)
  • Alaska halibut fillets (fish counter)
  • Alaska halibut steaks (fish counter)
  • South Georgian Patagonian toothfish fillets (fish counter)
  • South Georgian Patagonian toothfish steaks (fish counter)
  • Hartley’s North Pacific halibut with blue cheese butter and hazelnut crust 12oz
  • Whole Catch Antartic Bay scallops 454g
  • Whole Catch Hot Smoked Sockeye Cajun
  • Whole Catch Hot Smoked Sockeye Classic
  • Whole Catch Hot Smoked Sockeye Pepper
  • Blue Horizon Fish & Chip Bites 170g
  • Blue Horizon Albacore Tuna Bites 170g
  • Blue Horizon Salmon Cake Bites 170g


i-doYes! It’s true. One lucky couple took their wedding vows to a whole new level, 17 feet underwater. Ron Eaton and Tammy Parker entered a contest with KYGO to receive an underwater wedding with A-1 Scuba and The Downtown Aquarium and WON! This incredible and unique exchange was captured by Channel Four and heard by KYGO listeners as Kelli and Mudflap recounted this special day.

To see a clip of this Downtown Aquarium First, CLICK HERE!

A BIG THANKS to KYGO, A-1 Friend, Brenda Doggett a licensed wedding officiate who made it all legal, Todd Hall and Brian Saxon of the Downtown Aquarium and Shane Taylor for the underwater video.


suzie-ingraham1Please help support this important event for Suzie Ingraham who has been a member of our family for several years. Suzie was diagnosed with Stage Four Melanoma (metastatic melanoma) and has recently begun Biochemotherapy at the Anschutz Center in Denver.

What is Melanoma?
Melanoma is a malignant tumor that originates in melanocytes, the cells which produce the pigment melanin that colors our skin, hair and eyes. Stage IV Melanoma means that the tumors have spread to the tissues and lymph nodes regionally and/or to distant body organs. Currently there is no cure for metastatic melanoma.

What is Casino Night? This will be a night of fun, playing Texas Hold’em, Roulette, Black Jack, Go Fish (for those high stakes people), Wii and Playstation 3. We will have a silent auction and giveaway to help raise money for Suzie’s Melanoma Fund which will be held at the Denver Sports Column, who graciously donated their facility to us, on Friday, November 13th in the evening. We will have complete details on our website very soon, so please SAVE THE DATE.

Here are a list of just a few of the auction items and prizes:
*Trip for two to Cozumel – includes accommodations, meals, drinks and diving (does not include airfare)
*Suite at the Pepsi Center for either an Avalanche or Nuggets Game.
*Autographed Avalanche, Bronco and other sport memorabilia.
*Broncos Tickets
*Signed Baseball by Hall of Fame, Goose Gossage
*Spa Treatment
*Vespa Scooter
*ScubaPro Regulator
*Oceanic Wireless Dive Computer
*And much, much more!

If you would like to contribute, please make your checks:

Payable to: Suzie’s Melanoma Fund

You can donate at any 1st Bank location or mail your donation to:
1st Bank
830 S. Colorado Blvd
Glendale, CO 80246

Thank you for your support and if you would like to read Suzie’s complete story on her CaringBridge sight, CLICK HERE. This entry was posted in A-1 News on by .